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Little Shepherd Trail
& Kentennia State Forest

Off-Roading Destinations:

Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area
ATVs permitted 4WD Vehicles Permitted Dirtbikes, Buggies and other unlicensed vehicles permitted

Little Shepherd Trail / Kentenia State Forest
4WD Vehicles Permitted Horseback Riding Permitted Biking Permitted

Hensley Settlement
4WD Vehicles Permitted Horseback Riding Permitted Hiking

*ATVs, dirtikes and other unlicensed vehicles are only permitted at Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area

Kentennia State Forest

    Kentenia is the oldest state-owned forest, acquired by the Kentuck Division of Forestry in 1919 as a gift from the Kentenia-Cantron Corporation. It is located along the south side of Pine Mountain in seven scattered tracts totaling 4,277 acres. The largest of these tracts is accessible by Little Shepherd Trail on the crest of Pine Mountain.

    The forest is open to the public for hunting and fishing and subject to state fish and game regulations. Primitive camping, hiking, picnicking and horseback riding are also permitted. ATVs are prohibited.

Little Shepherd Trail

    Kentucky Highway 1679, "Little Shepherd Trail", is a 38-mile narrow road on the crest of Pine Mountain from US 421 east of Harlan to US 119 south of Whitesburg. This serpetine route twists though numerous refreshing overlooks and massive, spine-like rock out-croppings, termed "Hogbacks." Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel bloom profusely in craggy exposures.

    Paved sections are easily traversed, while mountain bikers and hikers greatly enjoy the more remote sections of this route. If you drive, a 4x4 vehicle is recommended. Current paved sections are: US 421 to KY 2010 and KY 160 to Creech Overlook.

    Little Shepherd Trail also passes through Kingdom Come State Park


    See: Kentucky Fish and Wildlife: Kentenia State Forest

Horseback Riding

    Information coming soon.

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Activities / Amenities
4WD Vehicles Permitted Horseback Riding Permitted Biking Permitted
*ATVs not permitted

Kentennia Forest is owned by the
Kentucky Division of Forestry
Official Web Site

See also:
Cumberland Tourism Commission page on
Little Shepherd Trail

Google Directions

*Information on this page provided by Kentucky Division of Forestry

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