Welcome to Harlan County, where there’s always something exciting going on! Whether you’re here for our biggest party of the year at the Poke Sallet Festival or looking to get a little dirty at thrilling off-road events like the Southern Shine Crawl or the Fall Crawl, we’ve got you covered. Harlan County is a place of celebration, adventure, and unforgettable memories.

We like to think we’re on top of all the fun stuff happening around here, but now and then, a cool event might sneak by us. Maybe we missed it in our social feeds, or it’s a new thing we haven’t heard about yet. Whatever the reason, we don’t want to miss out, and neither do you! Got an event you’re excited about? Shoot us an email at harlantourism@gmail.com or send us a message on our facebook page at Visit Harlan County. As long as it meets our parameters, we’ll happily add it to our calendar. We’re all about community and tourism events that bring people together.

So, let’s make every day a reason to celebrate in Harlan County. Share your event, and let’s fill our calendar with fun for everyone!

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The Iron

September 16, 2023 - September 17, 2023

This is a 2 day event covering 533 miles, 3 states lines, and over 15 hours of ride time and a whole lot of curves and epic scenery along the way. THE IRON includes several other popular Backroads of Appalachia Trail Routes such as the Dragonslayer 160 and covers 3 states.
All who complete this ride will receive the coveted ‘IRON” Patch, IRON Decal, and our “I RODE THE IRON” Sticker. This patch and these decals can only be earned by completing THE IRON and cannot be purchased. This ride and event is NOT for beginners and experienced riders are recommended due to the technical nature and endurance required for this trail route.
Riders who wish to complete THE IRON without an overnight stay or at their own pace are welcome to do so by riding on but you will miss our annual party at Benham Schoolhouse Inn, last year was a blast!

Do you have what it takes to be an Iron Warrior? Over 533 miles of Appalachian Mountain Awesomeness!
Come and find out as we ride THE IRON, Appalachia’s longest and most demanding Trail Route!
Let’s Ride THE IRON and get the Patch Appalachia!